How does a hearing aid function?

A hearing aid is not simply an amplifier of sound; it is a sophisticated communication device that helps you to hear as efficiently as possible when you suffer from hearing loss.

We work with hearing aids from worldwide recognized leader brands, in the case of spectacle hearing aids, the specialists are BHM and Bruckhoff.

The way a hearing aid works step by step

  1. The microphones collect the sound.
  2. The microchip analyses the sounds.
  3. When the sound has been processed, it is sent to the amplifier.
  4. The amplified sound is sent to the speaker.
  5. The speaker transmits the sound into the inner ear.
  6. In the inner ear the sounds are converted into electrical impulses.
  7. The brain receives these impulses and processes them.

Parts of a hearing aid

All hearing aids consist of 5 basic components: microphone (sound receptor), amplifierspeaker (sound transmitter), battery and microchip –that is programmed according to the audioprosthetic needs-. Depending on the type of hearing aid, there could be a difference between the sound that is received and the one that is understood. The better the quality of the hearing aid is, the more natural the sound will be. There are many factors to take into account such as the characteristics of the bandwidth, the automatic regulation of the volume, the processing of the noise and the elimination of interferences and disturbing sounds. The most advanced hearing aids also offer a wide range of customisation options, they are wireless and can be connected to different devices such as mobile phones.