Accessories and hearing maintenance solutions

There are specific situations in which you need help to be able to hear well. For this reason, from Audioson hearing centres we offer accessories and hearing maintenance to provide concrete solutions for everyday moments such as:

  1. Solutions with auditory connectivity.
  2. Auditory maintenance and cleaning solutions.
  3. Hearing solutions for listening to TV or music.
  4. Hearing solutions for talking on the phone.
  5. Hearing solutions to wake up.

Adapted phones from Doro, Thomson and Swissvoice brands. Bellman and Amplicomms offer a catalogue of home aids: acoustic warners and sound amplifiers for telephones, doorbells, alarm clocks, etc… Sennheiser is a recognized brand in audio technology and has specialized models for people with hearing difficulties.

Accessories and hearing maintenance solutions catalogue

Maintenance brands and hearing accessories that Audioson works with

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