Audioson’s Services

· Audio test (for all the family)

· Audioprosthetic medical reports.

· Ear protection for adults and children: water protection, noise protection…

For those who need hearing aids:

In Audioson we offer much more than hearing aids. A hearing aid is a device that doesn´t work by itself, it needs a hearing aid professional to program it according to the hearing loss. It also needs maintenance, follow-up and services that Audioson includes for you

Why should you choose Audioson?

Because of our premises and the latest generation equipment we offer. These are the best means to achieve a perfect ear exploration and auditory diagnose.

Because we offer a 3-year full warranty, which includes any repairs - as long as it's not for misuse.


Because we offer a wide range of products and prices which can be adapted to your hearing needs. Our main objective is that everybody who needs a hearing aid can have it.

Because of our professionalism: All our hearing centres are managed by official audioprosthesic technicians, and they are authorized hearing aid centers for fitting hearing aids.

Because we always keep by your side by means of free and periodic visits to follow up your case even after the 3-year guarantee had finished.

For your peace of mind we offer a 3-year coverage in case of break or theft.

Because we offer service of manufacture protection ear plugs and moulds for hearing aids.

Because we make financing easier.

Because you have a free trial of your hearing aid at home so that you can experience all its advantages.

Because we offer oficial repairing service for each brand.

Because you have 6 months to return them if they don’t convince you, but we’re sure it won’t.

Audioson's Advantages