Audioson: hearing aids, protection earplugs, accessories, and hearing maintenance.

In Audioson hearing centres we work to improve your hearing health.

In Audionson, Hearing Health Centres since 1987, we have been taking care of your hearing for more than 30 years. We devote ourselves taking care of your hearing health and offering solutions to protect and recover the audition.

Our main goal is for people with hearing difficulties to be able to hear better easily and comfortably, so they can enjoy their quality of life.

We have hearing health centres, equipped with the best hearing screening systems.

In Audioson we study each case and hearing problem individually, considering the patient’s characteristics and their environment. Not everyone is the same, nor each patient needs the same.

We study each case individually to offer the best solution

Audioson hearing solutions catalogue

If you want to improve your audition, or if you need protection for your hearing or ears, we have the right and personalized solutions.
Depending on the hearing loss, we need to look for an integral solution to be able to hear in all situations.
It may be that the alternative you need is hearing aids or sometimes you just need help for specific situations such as listening to the television or the telephone.
If your hearing works well, but you need noise protection, or to prevent water from getting into your ears, we can also help. At Audioson we have custom protective earplugs with suitable models and materials according to your needs.

Included in the first visit:



This test analyses the operation of auditory system, identifying any auditory dysfunction and evaluating the auditory capacity of the patient. Our specialists in audiology perform different types of audiometry in the soundproof room.



It analyses the status of the ear through the tympan meter (or impedance meter) to identify if the eardrum system and the bones work without alteration.


Video otoscopy

Otoscopy or video otoscopy is the technique of exploration of the parts of the external ear: pinna, external ear canal and tympanic membrane. It allows to assess the size of the ear canal and to identify possible anomalies.


Detailed auditory diagnosis

We offer the customer and the doctor a hearing aid report carried out by a professional of Audioson, with the details of the tests, the result and the evaluation and observations, in order to reach a suitable solution.


Hearing solutions

After a complete auditory study, your prosthetic audiologist will assess which type of auditory solution is the correct one according to your needs and will go through the options. If it gives you more security, you can try the hearing aids at home during an agreed time, to test them in your usual environment. If not, you can take them embracing the right to get a 100% refund of Audioson.