Recognising hearing loss

During yesterday´s lunch I realised that when several people were speaking at the same time, I wasn´t able to understand what they were saying. I had to pay a lot of attention to understand the guests.

Every day when I watch TV, I have to turn it up and then everyone at home complains that the volume is too high. What is going on? Am I losing my hearing?

What is going on? Am I losing my hearing?

To clarify your doubts you can trust Audioson. We will carry out an audio test and some audiometric tests that will tell us exactly how your hearing health is. This is the only reliable way to know your hearing level.

Why do we experience hearing loss?

Hearing loss is a normal and slow process that takes many years to develop and each case is different. It usually starts from 40 years old onwards, and nowadays it happens earlier and earlier due to the noise pollution we are exposed to in cities or at work. Deafness is one of the main work-related illnesses there are, above all in the industry and in the construction field.

Symptoms: Turning up the TV, ask for repetition of words, difficulties to have a conversation on the phone, hearing but not understanding, not hearing the tic tac sound of a clock, etc.

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What do you need?

If you need to hear well and if you also need protection for your ears, internally or externally, we have the right and customised solution for every case.

According to the hearing loss, we must look for an integral solution to hear well in all types of situations. However, there are times when we only need help in punctual situations such as listen to the TV or on a phone conversation.

And, if your hearing functions well, and what you need is protection against the noise or to avoid water entering your ears—it could be for you or for a family member—we have protective ear plugs that are customised to you and from different materials according your specific needs.


In Audioson we offer much more than hearing aids. A hearing aid is a device that doesn´t work by itself, it needs a hearing aid professional to program it according to the hearing loss. It also needs maintenance, follow-up and services that Audioson includes for you.

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Why should you choose Audioson?

  1. Because of our professionalism: All our hearing centres are managed by official audioprosthesic technicians and have been recognized by the Health Department of Generalitat de Catatlunya as authorized centres to adapt hearing aids.
  2. Because of our premises and the latest generation equipment we offer. These are the best means to achieve a perfect ear exploration and auditory diagnose.
  3. Because we offer a wide range of products and prices which can be adapted to your hearing needs. Our main objective is that everybody who needs a hearing aid can have it.
  4. Because we offer a 3-year of full guarantee that includes any repair—provided the damage hasn´t been produced by misuse of the device.
  5. Because we always keep by your side by means of free and periodic visits to follow up your case even after the 3-year guarantee has finished.
  6. For your peace of mind we offer a 3-year full coverage in case of break or theft.
  7. Because you have a 30-day free trial of your hearing aid at home so that you can experience all its advantages.
  8. Because we make financing easier
  9. Because we offer on-the-spot repairing service if you come to our technical service centre in Girona.
  10. Because we offer express service to manufacture protection ear plugs and moulds for hearing aids.