Ways to protect our ears:

Hereditary causes and wearing due the age are out of our control but in order to deal with other causes that produce hearing loss, we can follow these recommendations:

Cleaning in excess

The auricle and the auditory canal have to be cleaned only with water when we have a shower or with a tissue around the external canal. We should never introduce anything inside the ear unless it has been indicated by an otorhinolaryngologist.

Cotton buds

Cleaning earwax with cotton buds is a mistake. The only result of this is to push the earwax inside.


Direct sound that goes into the middle ear, without passing through the air produces more harm to the inner ear.


The frequent use of earphones is more harmful to the ear than attending a one-day concert where the sound is louder.


It is necessary to treat otitis effectively so that it doesn´t leave any irreversible ear injury.

Ototoxic Medications

We should avoid, whenever possible, ototoxic medications that can harm the ear (for example, aspirins, aminoglycoside antibiotics
or diuretics).