Why we lose hearing

We can lose hearing as a result of an illness, due to hereditary causes, due to the deterioration as we get older—just as it happens with the eyes—or because of a frequent exposition to loud noise. When the latter occurs, the result is what we know as Hypoacusis.

Inside the ear we have little hair cells that are responsible for transmitting sound. These cells can be damaged due to illnesses, injuries, wear, exposition to noise or due to hereditary causes. Therefore, the sound impulses sent by the affected zones to the brain are distorted or insufficient. The first ones to be affected are the high frequencies which affect our ability to hear high-frequency sounds or soft sounds.

Usually, hearing loss is a slow process that develops long term as we grow older. Each case is different and it normally starts from 40 years old onwards, and nowadays it starts earlier and earlier due to the noise pollution we are exposed to in cities or at work. We can say that deafness is one of the main work-related illnesses, above all, in the industrial and construction sectors.

Hearing Loss Symptoms

  • Turn up the TV
  • Have difficulties to understand others
  • Make others repeating the words often
  • Not being able to maintain a phone conversation
  • Not hearing the tic-tac sound of a clock